Common factors and tips for oily scalp

Excessive oil production by the sweat glands or abnormal production of sebum results in an oily scalp. The primary symptom of having an oily scalp is that it appears greasy within a day or two after washing. Gradually the hair starts looking dull, dirty and stringy. Often an oily scalp causes itching which further leads to dandruff.

Common factors that can lead to an oily scalp are:

  • Heredity
  • Stress
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Oily food
  • Improper hair care

An oily scalp often leads to skin acne problems too. Two types of oily hairs are commonly seen. Oily hair that is completely oily from roots to tip and oily hair that has an oily scalp but dry ends. Even pollution like dust and carbon deposit from the environment can also cause an oily scalp.  Here are few remedies that you can try out to reduce too much oiliness in your scalp and hair.

  1. If your skin is oily then you can even have an oily scalp. Best shampoo for oily scalp and dandruff are easily available in the market. Shampoo everyday to clean your hair making it free from grease. Rinse your hair carefully while shampooing as it reflects in becoming more oily and dirty.
  2. A conditioner with aloe vera works best for oily scalp. A mixture of aloe vera gel and apple cider vinegar and lemon juice works as a good conditioner. Aloe vera is rich in minerals and enzymes that detoxifies the impurities from the scalp and reduces the excess production of oil from the sweat glands.
  3. Make your own shampoo by mixing aloe vera gel and lemon extract. Keep it in the freezer as it lasts for a long time.
  4. Conditioners often work as a coating over the scalp and people who have oily scalp can increase the oiliness. So you should reduce the usage of a conditioner in this case. If at all you use a conditioner apply it only to the ends of the hair.
  5. Use a medicated shampoo that is made just for oily scalp. Ketomac shampoo works best for oily scalp along with dandruff.
  6. An oily scalp often produces a bad smell from the hair. Dab some baby powder on the scalp and keep it for few minutes and comb properly. Baby powder absorbs excess oil on the scalp, giving it a pleasant smell and it also feels good.
  7. Few ingredients that has proved to be good for oily scalp problems are lemon extract, tea tree oil, tea, beer and apple cider vinegar. You can rinse your hair with these. But never forget to wash off with water properly since they contain acidic properties. Apple cider vinegar with its high pH value is very effective in combating oily scalp problems. Balck tea is another good solution as it contains tannic acid that acts as an astringent. Wash off with a mild shampoo after using these ingredients.
  8. You can apply a mixture of egg yolk and lemon extract to your wet hair and them wash it off thoroughly to get immediate results.