Change your Whole Car Experience with Car Wrapping Service in Chennai

A wrap is a wide ranging vinyl graphic applied directly over the original paint of the vehicle. The application of the wrap enables you to transform the vehicle’s appearance in a very quick period of time and it also allows you to remove the wrap and returning the vehicle back to its aboriginal form if required. Speed Freaks in Chennai are best at providing car wrap services.

Car wraps are comprised of three phases.

  • The first stage is to design the proforma which needs to be gotten accurate measurements for the vehicle and the actual design of the graphics to be applied on the car.
  • The second is the production stage, where the designed graphic is printed and then laminated to protect the vehicle from abrasions and Ultraviolet rays that can cause graphics to be faded over the time.
  • The third stage is application where the vinyl is actually applied to your vehicle. In some cases there might be a fourth stage, the removal of graphics if required.

Normally, you can hold the wrap on minimum three to five years. Lower-end paint jobs will last a couple of years. On the other hand, high-end paint jobs can last a lifetime if done properly. Vehicle wraps will not damage factory paints, Wraps do not stick to rust. If your vehicle needed, the wrap may pull out from the car .All vehicles need to wash thorough first to free of dust, mud, wax, oil, and armor-all type products. They may prevent the vinyl from sticking to the vehicle’s surface during the application process. The whole process can take hardly one day to complete. If your car is damaged or scratched from anywhere, it will give your car a brand new look. Or, you can use it exactly where it is caused, only by Car Wrap advertisement, which is absolutely a marketing practice and by which car owner earns. The vinyl sheets can later be removed with relative ease with changing advertisements. This can change your whole car Experience with Car customization. So, getting a car wrapping service in Chennai by Speed Freaks is a wise choice.

By the application of car wrap, changing interiors of your car, custom audio installation, OEM integration, car styling, upgrading wheels, is all possible and this gives you a feel of a customized car as per your desires. The best car customization company is the one that can turn even the wildest imagination that one has in his mind into reality and Speed Freaks is known to provide you with the best car wrap in Chennai.  Their qualified audio engineers and technicians deliver high quality handwork with expertise. They are the collaboration of skillful designers and craftsmen who are passionate about what you want. Even if your car is in a bad condition, faded away, getting a car customization can be a good idea than to prefer purchasing a new one!