Can Ayurveda treatment help to cure cancer?

The ancient healing system has been in existence in spite of the modern medicines. It is all because of one reason because they work. For this reason they are a part and parcel of our life health habits, spiritual philosophies aligning with cultural customs of people all over the world. In fact no form of healing tradition is more powerful than Ayurveda in the world. The use of best Ayurvedic products in India provides a new dimension to the evolving issues. Let us get to the facts on what Ayurveda has to say about modern cancer.

To start off let us consider the power of spices as a form of cancer treatment. The healing power is one to admire which operates around the principles of Ayurveda. Though the basic principle of Ayurveda  is science of life. Not only has it worked towards treatment of physical mind. Here the focus is to treat all aspects of the persons mind and soul along with the society as a whole. Every individual is unique as per Ayurveda and their expression of Doshas does exist differently. A qualified Ayurvedic doctor can help or you can express it at your own end.

How Ayurveda goes on to view cancer

Ayurveda in cancer occurs due to under expression or over expression of the various doshas. Any form of disease starts with them. The use of best ayurvedic products in India does provide relief from them. The imbalance of doshas does occur in the following patterns

  • Accumulation- where increase of any of the doshas has occurred
  • Aggravation- since for a dosha once the levels increase  it means that the balance of the other doshas suffer
  • Overflow- the affected dosha would spread on to the body causing aama or any type of toxic waste products
  • Localization- the doshas goes one on to settle in any weak area of the human body
  • Manifestation – the symptoms

The most aspect of vitality and health as per Ayurveda is the adaptability of human body to adapt as per changing demands and coping up with changes of the environment. The moment body is not in a position to adopt this causes disruption among the communication channels. This communication hindrance can also be aggravated by Aaga

When in Ayurveda doshas replicates the imbalance between the inner and outer portions of the human body. This takes into consideration that the cancer cells always exist in the human body, but as far as the body is in a state of dosha no major problem exists. Cancer cells are produced by human body but our immune system is not that sharp in stature. The faulty cells are not only recognized but their own arm is being sent out to destroy it. For this reason the balance of emotional, mental and physical health is an important part of the healing process.

Yes to a considerable extent prevention would be an effective tip to deal with cancer. Incorporating a proper lifestyle with a healthy diet would eradicate the problem to some extent.