Best Site to customize images for FB

As the craze for Social Networking tools keeps soaring by the day, people these days prefer using tools and utilities that can give their digital profiles, the best possible look and feel. An attractive profile page gets people more likes, invites and visits. People can leverage this popularity to expand their network and stabilize their online presence. Businesses may be able to attract more customers and improve their revenues. A great youtube to facebook converter would also go a long way in converting views to comments and likes.

Many tools have come up that allow users to create, edit and share content and customize it to suit platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, Instagram and other social media platforms. One such application area that invites a lot of usage is customization of photos for social networks. We shall look at a few sites that offer image customization services for Facebook.


With some of the best tools tailored for easy uploading of YouTube videos to Facebook, Y2FB offers exquisite ways tocreate large youtube thumbnail for facebook. These thumbnails are perfectly optimised and are sure to draw the attention of large audience, making your videos quickly climb to the top of the popularity ladder.


One of the best free to use tools to customize images for FB is Canva. This drag and drop tool gives us many options to design or customize images. It provides hundreds of layouts to choose from for the cover page. It also gives access to over a million stock photos for usage.

After selecting a layout and few images, one can customize the fonts, texts and backgrounds. Image editing and enhancing features are also available. Once the images are saved and ready for use, it can be readily shared or uploaded on Facebook. Canva makes sure the customized images are optimized across apps and platforms, eliminating any editing hassles for the user.

Photoshop Express Editor

Photoshop Express Editor is a tool that allows for elaborate editing of images and is mostly used by professionals. With this tool, it is possible to basic image processing functions like cropping, rotating, removing red-eye and auto-fixing of brightness, contrast and white balance. It also offers beautification services like removing blemishes, spots, lightening, removal of background clutter and shadows. One can also choose tones and themes for presentation of photos.

Customizations of photo frames and borders, perspective correction, collage creation, popup colour tool, watermarking, image resizing, intelligent layout generation for collage and text tool are other privileges that this paid service offers.

Once the images are finalized, they can be shared across multiple platforms including Facebook. It allows the user to configure one-tap sharing of images for Facebook. Once configured, the user can share edited images at ease, any time.


GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. GIMP is a free editor covered under the GNU General Public License. This editor offers a slew of features that match the Photoshop Express Editor for free. It includes several image enhancement provisions like colour adjustment, gradient editing, image enhancing features like cropping and rotation and much more. Availability of several layers for editing and the ability to extend its functionalities via third-party enhancements are additional advantages of using this site.

This article would have given a fair idea about websites that provide options to customize images for Facebook. There are many more available in the market with similar features. One can decide which tool / site to use based on their specific preferences.