Attention: having white teeth does not mean they are healthy

Surely you have thought that having white teeth means they are healthy, or have seen someone else with paper colored teeth and ensure that their oral health is optimal.

However, you should not judge a book by its cover. This can be a bad perception at a glance. The current publicity about dental hygiene is the fault of this bad perception, because it sells the idea that white teeth are healthy teeth.

There are those who can whiten their teeth with chemicals and dyes, and this does not mean that their dental hygiene is good and healthy. Although white teeth. They look great in our smiles, what should matter is that they look good and healthy.

Stained teeth

The tone of each person’s teeth will depend on their characteristic color obtained by age, genetics, whether they smoke, what they eat or drink.

As we get older, the teeth often take on a yellowish tone, thanks to the wear of the enamel over the years.

Also, these spots can be attributed to you ingesting food or drinks such as coffee or tomato-based sauces. This type of food contains chromogens in their coloration, in addition to bacteria that could produce green spots.

Although the most common spots that we see in our teeth are the yellow ones, there is also a black spot.

It is that line that borders the teeth flush with the gum. Some specialists have defined it as a protective barrier of our teeth. That is, a type of plate that contains calcium and some iron or copper, which is the cause of that dark color.

Some studies have shown that children with this black spot are less likely to suffer from tooth decay, as this could act as a type of protection for the teeth.

The oral hygiene is the most important

Although we all like to wear white and attractive teeth, this is not the most important thing.

Part of what matters in your personality is what you have inside and not at first glance. As is well known, it is not good to get carried away by appearances , that also applies to oral hygiene .

If you do not know what should be the process to take care of your teeth and have good oral hygiene, go to your dentist. No one better than a specialist to explain why it is wrong, what to do to improve and how to avoid falling back into bad habits.

You must understand that first is health and then appearance. It is better to have healthy and somewhat stained teeth, white teeth and a lot of diseases in them, cavities, for example.

How can I whiten my teeth regardless of my health?

If you have some of the aforementioned spots, but your priority is to look white on your teeth, then you should go to a dentist in Dubai and start whitening techniques.

To achieve white teeth, you can always go to:

  • Toothpaste
  • Strips
  • Gels

All these products contain special substances to remove stains. Some specialists recommend using home remedies to whiten teeth .

However, these home remedies are not always effective for the result you are looking for. You must take into account that the whitening could bring as a consequence sensitivity in your teeth and gums.

Also, do not forget that the whitening that you practice will only be permanent while avoiding the food or the reasons why, initially, they were stained before.

Consequences of teeth whitening

Trying to have your white teeth based on homemade products can eliminate tooth enamel and expose them to great dangers. For example:

  • Burns in the gingival tissue
  • If you have sensitivity in the gums, do not follow this treatment. You could suffer more serious effects
  • Stains caused by smoking and drinking coffee will not be easily eliminated
  • If you have restored your teeth, the whitening chemicals will not bleach these materials, so you will have an uneven smile in tonality
  • Alterations in the mucosa
  • Tooth sensitivity

Whitening and health

Although the whitening process lasts no longer than about 45 minutes, it can bring great risks and does not ensure, at all, that your teeth will be healthier.

If some of the consequences mentioned above appear, while you are applying the whitening treatment, it is best to interrupt that process.

Also, you should go immediately to your dentist to assess what it was that produced any of these effects and how to treat them from that moment.

If your specialist evaluates you and, in the end, you can go back to the whitening treatment and you want to do it, it is your responsibility. It is your decision if you give more importance to whiteness than to oral well-being.

Now you know that having white teeth does not mean they are completely healthy. The important thing is not to look good at first impression, it is also necessary to be completely healthy.

To review what your priorities are is your best alternative, in the end, having diseases in the teeth could bring problems that go beyond affecting the health of your mouth. Having very white teeth is not a guarantee, it is only a factor associated with beauty.