6 Tips On How To Choose Plastic Packaging For Your Product

Choosing the right packaging material for your product is done by carefully determining your own needs. Do you require specific details? Are you looking for the most attractive packaging? Reinforcing that your brand is something that your customers can trust can be done with a simple plastic packaging that’s of high quality.

Of course, you also have to think about the costs involved with the plastic packaging that you choose. How much will you have to spend on specialty plastic? Will it be worth it in the long run or is it unsustainable? There are many moving parts here, so let’s look at the 6 most important things to keep in mind.

1. Know your budget

As with anything, you should have a budget that you’re comfortable spending in getting the specific plastic packaging for your product. You must make sure that the budget is going to suit your needs in terms of the amount and quality of the packaging. If you are looking for something that’s of superior quality to everything else, you should be prepared to go over your budget by at least 10%.

2. Design for looks or design for usability

When you think about the design of the packaging, the first thing that you think about is the aesthetic. You should also consider how usable it is and how durable it will be post-production. Make sure that you find the balance you want when choosing a plastic packaging.

3. Test it with your product

Getting a sample batch of the plastic packaging that you chose can help you determine whether it’s right for your product. It will also give you an idea as to what other opportunities you may have if you are thinking of making modifications with the plastic packaging. Are you shipping out food? You need to have food-grade packaging.

4. Transporting the specialty plastic

Upon determining the specific plastic packaging that you require for your products, you have to think about the method of transportation. Make sure that you factor in the design of your plastic packaging. How will you transport the plastic both with and without the products contained? Is there a risk of the plastic packaging being damaged while in between the shelves?

5. Materials required

Nothing is infinite when it comes to mass production. If you are going to produce plastic packaging, you should consider how sustainable it is to use the materials that you’ve chosen. Do you buy the materials on your own or do the packaging manufacturers have a supplier? Can their supplier handle production demands for the next few years?

6. Empathize with your customers

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. How well do you think they’ll receive the design and branding of your plastic packaging? Will they find the packaging tacky? Is the packaging compatible with the brand that you’re trying to promote? It’s important that you prioritize the satisfaction of your customers along with the resources required in using the specialty plastic for your products.

From packaging, electronics to construction materials, specialty plastic is part of your daily life. If you want to find out more about specialty plastics, contact Polyvisions today!