5 Tips for a Quality Mattress Selection To Get You The Best Sleep

You probably know that you are supposed to get at least eight hours of quality sleep each night. You may need even more rest in the event you suffer from a chronic illness so that your body can feel rested and fully functional the next morning. A good night’s sleep allows your body to repair itself, create muscle tissue, and release essential hormones.

Nevertheless, sometimes it is impossible to get a restorative sleep due to poor quality mattresses that make us feel uncomfortable, wide-eyed, and frustrated. Choosing the best latex mattress is akin to achieving a quality rest along with excellent comfort and support. Below, we’ve highlighted 5 tips for a quality mattress selection to get you the best sleep ever.

1.    A firm mattress isn’t the ultimate option

Chronic pain sufferers believe that sleeping on a hard mattress can alleviate pain. However, a hard bed isn’t always the best choice when it comes to improving sleep quality and reducing pain. Not everyone who suffers from chronic pain will require to sleep on a firm or hard mattress.

Your choice of the best firm mattress is directly proportional to your preference and your typical sleep position. A softer mattress works pretty well for side sleepers as it puts minimal pressure on their shoulder, hip, and arm. Stomach sleepers will need a medium or firm mattress that doesn’t strain their spine.

2.    Edge Support

More often than not, mattress shoppers tend to overlook the edge support when shopping for a new mattress. Hopefully, we’ll change that today going forward. A bed is likely to sink just slightly when you sit on its edge.

However, a mattress that doesn’t possess the edge support is likely to sink excessively, which makes you feel uncomfortable because you’ll end up struggling to stay on it. Such type of mattress will even be more dangerous if you sleep close to the edge of the bed. As you can imagine, the best latex mattress offers the most significant edge support. 

3.    Your Body Type & Weight

A one-size-fits-all rule doesn’t apply to mattresses. You could locate a model that possesses all the traits you need, but it isn’t in line with your specific body type. Your body type and weight will significantly determine the overall feel of a mattress, how much it sinks, and the support it provides.

Side sleepers who weigh an average of 130 pounds will need a soft or medium soft mattress, whereas those who weigh over 230 pounds may need a medium firm or firm mattress. Back sleepers whose weight is less than 130 pounds will need a medium soft or medium mattress, whereas those who weigh over 230 pounds will need a medium firm or firm mattress. Lastly, stomach sleepers who weigh 130 pounds or less will require a soft or medium soft bed, while the same cohorts with 230 pounds or more will need a medium firm or firm mattress.

4.    Mattress Type

Several types of mattresses exist in the market today, and this can hamper your decision-making process. However, there’s no need to worry when you have the right information. A memory foam mattress consists of memory foam, which is ideal for body contouring, pressure relief, and great support.

A latex mattress is made exclusively from latex foam. The best latex mattress does offer unusual cooling properties, excellent responsiveness, and comfort. This type of bed is suitable for those of us who are looking for a great bounce, responsiveness, and cooling.

5.    Your Budget

The budget does vary from one person to the other. A few years ago, you’d need to go in-store to search for a mattress, which would also mean overpaying for mediocre products that had no real value for money. Today, the online mattress industry has changed how we shop for these useful items.

Many mattress companies are consistently building high-quality mattress available at reasonable prices. Now you can set your modest budget and still end up with an excellent bed. In the mattress industry, more money doesn’t always mean a high-quality mattress.

Retail stores have dramatically inflated their mattress pricing with markups that often range from 300-1,000%. I recommend my readers to consider purchasing their mattresses online because they primarily offer high-quality mattresses for around 30% of what you would pay in-store for the same. Many online premises sell high-quality products with the same feel and built quality as store-bought equivalents.