5 Benefits of Being a Musician

If you are looking for inspiration to push you to purchase a musical instrument and begin learning, you have come to the right place. Music is a great expression of creativity and a wonderful hobby that takes time to learn, but the results of constant improvement are so rewarding.There is a multitude of reasons why being a musician is great, but here is just a few of the best.


Starting with an obvious perk, you will find that being a musician makes you happy. It is well-known that music can make you feel calm and relaxed, so having an outlet to relieve stress is without a doubt a benefit of being a musician. Playing and listening to music can provide an escape from daily stress factors and release endorphins through your bloodstream.

Of course, you will also enjoy developing a new skill in an area that you have an interestin – and there is always the chance to try others if you change your mind. You can get an idea of the wide range of musical instruments at cranesmusic.com and get an idea of which you are interested in picking up first – there is something for everyone!


Learning to play music increases your cognitive ability by improving memory retention,so yes, you could say that being a musician makes you smarter. If you have stuck with the same routine and want something new to exercise your brain, picking up an instrument would be beneficial.


An exciting part of being a musician is connecting with other like-minded individuals. Whether it is through music lessons or events, you can form strong friendships through your mutual love of music. You never know. Through making connections, you might find yourself trying out for a band or performance.

Even people who are not musicians themselves but enjoy the music that is produced by others find themselves united by the power of:

  • National anthems
  • Protest songs
  • Hymns
  • Love songs
  • Lullabies

So, you can imagine how it feels to be able to share your musical talent with the world.


Sometimes when you stop picking up new skills, you can feel like you are no longer progressing. Developing your musical knowledge will make you feel elated and proud of your achievement, which will reinforce how capable you are of trying something new and going outside of your comfort zone. Gaining confidence in one area of your life can absolutely transfer over to other parts, so being a musician can inspire you to change your outlook on yourself and life in general.


Learning an instrument comes with many benefits, but it is also a commitment; if you want to improve and reach your goals, it will take dedication to schedule it into your life. It can sometimes be a slow process to learn new things, but in the end, it is worth it. This can teach you about patience and how to apply this to areas of your life. Being a musician requires patience, so it is an experience that will shape you as a person. You will find yourself better at time management and organization, which are great attributes to offer.

If it sounds like you could benefit from becoming a musician, what are you waiting for? Get started today and see these changes in your life!