4 Safety Tips for New Kitchen Design

If you are planning to upgrade your kitchen this year and want to ensure that it is not just a stylish and modern layout but also a safe one, you need to consider a number of factors.

A safe kitchen is of paramount importance if you have a young family, but the truth is every kitchen needs to obey certain safety rules no matter who uses it. https://gregorycustomhomes.net/ is a website that provides kitchen design tips for those who are looking to renovate their kitchens. The website offers helpful information such as how to select the right cabinets, what kind of countertops to choose, and which appliances would be best suited for your kitchen. Here are some of the key features to consider when designing your ideal kitchen space.

1.    Appliance layout is crucial

Always consider the positioning of your key kitchen appliances. Cooking appliances should never be placed near windows as, when open, the air coming in can blow your curtains near cooking food and this poses a fire risk. Cooking appliances should also be positioned away from doors as this is where people tend to congregate and by doing this you reduce the risk of spillages from pans etc. Remember also that refrigerators and cookers should not be placed next to each other. The refrigerator will have to work harder to keep your food cool if it is next to the cooker and will shorten its useful life and increase your energy costs.

2.    Make sure you hire professionals

When you hire a professional kitchen design and fitting firm such as those offered by fitted kitchens Knutsford you will be gaining the expertise and knowledge of staff who specialize in safe and effective kitchen design and installation. Heating appliances need to be installed safely and correctly. Peace of mind is gained from knowing that suitably qualified professionals have been used for your new kitchen project. It should be self-evident that with all the appliances in one space, correct fitting, placement and installation is crucial to maximize the safety of this vital space.

3.    Consider non-slip flooring

In any kitchen there will be inevitable spills and drops. It’s just a part of life. You can help to minimize the risk of these spills causing slips and falls by ensuring that non-slip flooring is high on your agenda when planning a new kitchen. There are a variety of materials to consider when looking into this design feature. Vinyl flooring is easy to clean, ceramic flooring can add a touch of style and interest to any kitchen floor and cork is also another viable choice and can come in a range of shades.

4.    Light your key work areas effectively

It makes perfect safety sense to ensure that food preparation and cooking areas are well lit. When you are chopping vegetables and preparing food in general it is imperative that you can see what you are doing when using sharp knives. Effective lighting will also allow you to spot spills and areas that require cleaning more easily. As such, safe lighting will also allow you to keep your kitchen clean and germ free and safe to move around in. Safe lighting can also be stylish and you should make sure you have effective lighting in your kitchen space.