4 Hidden Benefits of a Residential Gate

When you have a family, you cannot put a price on their safety.

You also cannot put a price on the security of your possessions. More than that, if you own a home, you want it to hold or appreciate in value.

There are many security advantages to having a residential gate placed. Especially at the front of your property. Although there is more that can be gained than just this. In this article, the advantages of having an automated gate are explored. Allowing you to determine if this is a worthwhile investment in your home.

  1. Value
    An extensive security system will likely cause your home to decrease in value. So, you will want to offset security and value in the same step.
    A gate can add an instant increase to your home’s value. Especially if it is automated. More so if it plays into your neighborhoods’ aesthetic. As gates come in all designs and colors, you can pick the one most suited for your home. Gates are usually weather-resistant too. So you won’t have to worry about having it replaced every few years. Gates can also be customizable. Not only to your design requirements but in how they function. If you want a gate with a remote, then this is easily accomplished. If you want a gate that opens from an internal button in your home, then this can be achieved too. Simply state this to your installer and designer when it is being set up.
  2. Security
    Of course, the leading advantage is security. Especially if you choose trusted suppliers like aluminium gates Yorkshire. Which tend to be taller, stronger, and near impossible to break.
    An automated gate is the best option, however. As it allows you to control who comes on to your property.
    Automated gates also require fencing or walls to attach them to. Which creates another barrier to entry. You may even be able to purchase a gate with a camera system. Allowing you even more control over who steps into your home and who doesn’t.
  3. Lower insurance
    Having cameras set up is not the only way to reduce your home insurance premiums.
    Automated gates achieve this too. As they act as a deterrent against burglars. Should you have a gate paired with a motion-activated camera, this can lower the premiums even more.
    So, while having a striking addition to your home, you will be paying less out to keep your family safe.
  4. Convenience
    When you are running late, a manual gate can be a hindrance. You have to drive to it, unlock it, open it, drive through it and then close it again. Not great for reducing stress levels.
    A manual gate is opened at the press of a button and can be closed just as easily. If you have a gate that closes automatically, then this is even more of a time saver.

There is also the added advantage of not having to manually open and close the gate in the rain. Allowing you and your family to stay dry in your car while leaving your home.