3 Facts To Consider Before Booking Laser Hair Removal

If you’re frustrated by the amount of time, energy and money you spend on removing bodily hair every day, you may have thought about visiting a laser spa and getting the hair lasered off. Laser hair removal can be a highly effective treatment that could save you time in the mornings and even money in the long run. However, before you book a treatment, there are a few facts you should consider.

1. You Can Shave Before Your Appointment

If you’ve ever had a waxing treatment before, you know how bothersome it can be to have to let your hair grow out before your appointment. Thankfully, this is not the case with laser hair removal. You’re free to shave before your appointment; in fact, this can sometimes be helpful for technicians. Don’t wax beforehand, though, since the laser needs to find the root of the hair in order to be effective.

2. You May Need Multiple Treatments

While it would be great to walk out of the clinic completely smooth and hair-free, you’ll likely need multiple sessions to see full results. This is because the laser needs to catch all your hairs at the right point in the growth cycle. You can expect to book six to eight sessions and see results about two to three weeks after each one.

3. It Shouldn’t Be Excessively Painful

While laser treatment might sound painful, if done properly, you shouldn’t feel more than discomfort. The laser is likely to be hot and feel like a rubber band is pinching your skin, but many modern lasers come equipped with cooling mechanisms to help you feel more comfortable. Additionally, your technician can apply a numbing cream to the area before getting started.

Whether you hate the upkeep of shaving every day or are tired of spending money and energy on removing bodily hair, laser hair removal could provide a useful, semi-permanent solution. If you’re thinking about booking a session, keep these essential facts in mind and you’re sure to make the right decision.